Sensitive, vibrant and hectic. These are words people use to describe the music this young composer does.

Born in the South of Brazil but currently living in Berlin, Rossano is a musician, composer and songwriter finding his way between film scores, songwriting and his own path as an artist and composer. He is 31 years old and has already scored music for feature films, documentaries and TV series.
As a songwriter, his music was already recorded by Maria Gadú (Brazil), M.A.N.D.Y. (Germany) and Opal Blue (UK).
Commercially his music was already used on campaigns and contents from brands like Red Bull, Deutsche Bahn, The Creator’s Project, Ketel One, Fila, Embraer and others.
His music can also be listened to on projects from Brazilian visual artists such as Carlito Carvalhosa, Letícia Ramos, Paula Parisot and Luiz Roque.
Besides works for media and art installations, he is also achieving a work as a composer for chamber music, little ensembles and pieces for solo piano. He is also the member of a band called Tropical Lips, a group formed by himself, a fellow Brazilian musician and a singer from the UK.
Since 2013, he has been signed by two of the most prolific and experienced German music publishers: Stefan Eichinger (www.lopazz.com) and Schacht Musikverlag (www.smv.de). With Stefan, he also shares an artist work, doing compositions, film scorings and songs together.

For 2017, he is preparing his first album.

Rossano also works for Mixmastering.de Studios




new music for a HBO TV series – TBA


Marias (documentary, Brazil, directed by Joana Mariani, currently on post production)

Inventores do Brasil (13 episodes documentary TV series, Brazil, directed by Bruno Barreto)

Animais (animation short film, Brazil, directed by Guilherme Alvernaz)


Vostok (live soundtrack for art film, Festival VideoBrasil, directed by Letícia Ramos)

Michael Martin – Planet Wüste (documentary film, PRO 7 MAXX, in co-production with Stefan Eichinger – LOPAZZ / Mixmastering.de)
Wanderlust (music for the episodes 6-10, arte / ARD,  in co-production with Stefan Eichinger – LOPAZZ / Mixmastering.de):

Passionais (13 episodes TV series, Brazil, directed by Henrique Goldman and Marcela Lordy)
Vostok (art film, Brazil, directed and created by Letícia Ramos, to be released soon on vinyl)

Borscht (documentary, Brazil, directed by Marina Quintanilha)
Ano Branco (art film, Brazil, directed and created by Luiz Roque)
Uma e Meia (music performance on art installation, Brazil, created by Rossano Snel and Carlito Carvalhosa)

Angie (feature film, Brazil/USA, directed by Marcio Garcia)
A Novela das 8 (feature film, Brazil, directed by Odilon Rocha)
Marias (4 episodes TV series, Brazil, directed by Joana Mariani)
Méliès (music for an exposition of George Méliès at Museu da Imagem e do Som – MIS, Brazil)

The Creator’s Project EP (digital release, USA)
Le Ballon Rouge reworked (live performance of music over film, Brazil)

BearCity (music “Nossa Conversa” synced in the feature film, USA)

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